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A little about me:

I'm Dave. I was born in Bakersfield, CA and I was raised by my Grandmother Ruby since I was 2 weeks old. When I was 9, we moved to Minnesota to meet up with my Aunt and Uncle, who were moving from Florida. We all lived in a single house in a small town called Snellman, which is about halfway between Detroit Lakes and Park Rapids, before Grandma and I moved into Park Rapids about a year later. After following my Aunt and Uncle again to Aberdeen, this time in South Dakota, we eventually wound up in Canistota, where I graduated from High School in 2008. My first job out of High School was at Menards, and then a couple of months later in October, Sears. I worked at both at the same time for a while and ended up leaving Menards for Sears in June of 2009. A little over a year later, I spent my first night in Jail because my bank returned a $40 check, written in Yankton. I only had $32 dollars in my account. I either overlooked the notice or the bank never sent one, but the check went thru the system and Yankton County issued a bench warrant. One day while I was in Sioux Falls, a motorcycle officer thought I was speeding and pulled me over. Because I was in the big house, I missed a couple days at work, and when Sears asked why, I told them the truth. They felt that since I handled money as part of my job, I couldn't be trusted anymore, and fired me.

My lease was ending at the Canistota Apartments, so I found a place in Salem, at the Hill Center Apartments. I had moved in about a week after I was let go at Sears, and I thought I could find a job in time to start paying rent. I never could and ended up getting evicted out of my apartment and lost everything I owned, including my model trains. I finally moved to Sioux Falls in the early spring of 2010, where I stayed with my buddy Trevor and his boss, Greg Schreck. I ended up working with them for the Summer, until I ended up getting a job at Hy-Vee. I met my now-wife Brittany in the late fall of 2010. I was in my buddy Nick's car at Get-N-Go and threw a snowball at our friend Rachel, but missed and it landed in Britt's car instead. A couple of weeks later, it was my 21st birthday and since 1, I was broke anyway, and 2, I don't drink to begin with, Nick and I went over to Rachel's place for movie night. Brittany was also there, and we officially met that night. We hit it off pretty well, and we got together a couple of weeks later. I had a few random jobs like Get-N-Go, Citibank, and as a Security Officer for Sioux Merchant Patrol, now called SMP. I was working at HobbyTown in June or July 2015 when Britt told me she was expecting, and in Febuary 2016, we had our son, Jackson who is growing way too damn fast.

Back in August of 2015, I had started working for A Plus Towing as a tow truck driver, and on the day of my 4-year anniversary there, I put my 2-week notice in. I had been offered a job with the Ellis and Eastern Railroad as a conductor, but that only lasted a few months. You can hear my Railroad story here. January of 2020, I went back to A Plus, and was there during the Lockdown, albeit laid off for 10 weeks. I continued there until August of 2021, totaling almost 6 years, aside from the stint at E&E. In September 2021, I became a Security Officer once again, but only part time. So in December, I got hired at Tires Tires Tires as a Courtesy Driver, as well as an Officer. I did part time at both. In May, I was offered full time overnights as a guard, so I left T3. Also in May of 2022, I had applied as a conductor for BNSF Railway. I was offered a position in Sioux City, but BNSF retracted the offer after my medical review. More on that in the railroad story. So, I continue day-by-day, or night-by-night rather, protecting those I work for, loving my wife and son, and just trying to enjoy life the best I can! I am an avid model railroader and I do some computer gaming, but not a whole lot of it. I also enjoy r/c rock crawling out at the Falls. I created this page as a helpful guide, kinda like a favorites bar, but a webpage. Things get added to it daily, so be sure to check back often to see what all is new! But, as of the present time, I am mostly happy with my life.

If you wish to check out Grandma Ruby's memorial page, click here, and if you can find my phone number here on this page somewhere, feel free to shoot me a text or give me a call!

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